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Today's Lifestyle May Require Upgraded Electrical Circuits

Today's Lifestyle May Require Upgraded Electrical Circuits

Today's modern lifestyle is fast-paced, and technologically advanced products are introduced into the marketplace almost every day. While these innovations have helped dramatically improve personal productivity and provide countless entertainment options, the increasing demand for electricity has outstripped the capacity of the electrical service in many homes and businesses.

Why You May Need Upgraded Electrical Circuits

If you own an older home, it is important to have the electric panel and wiring inspected by an expert electrician to ensure it is up to code and capable of safely servicing an ever-expanding electric load. If you have a panel that still uses ceramic fuses, you could be putting your family at risk and living with an unsafe situation.

An electrician can assess the panel and wiring to ensure there is enough power in your home to meet current and future needs. In most cases, a 100 amp panel is a minimum requirement, which is usually mandated by national electric codes for newer homes.

Modern Appliances Require More Electricity

Older homes rarely have the capacity to provide enough electricity to safely power today's modern conveniences. Consider all of the different devices driven by electricity that didn't exist 50 years ago.

  • Computers: Desktop computers often remain powered throughout the day, and modems, printers, tablets and other peripherals add to the total electric load.
  • Television: In years past, most households owned a single TV. Now, many homes have a television in every room. Accessories include cable boxes, satellite TV, soundbars and video games.
  • Appliances: Standard electrical circuits are wired for 120-volts. However, major appliances require 220-volt current. The addition of blenders, coffee machines, food processors and other appliances add an additional load on the system.

Whether the need is created by excess electric load or a lack of receptacles in a room, a contractor who provides complete electrical services can install upgraded wiring, panels and fixtures to meet a constantly growing demand for additional power.

Complete Electrical Service

For those living in the greater Phoenix area, Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services provides comprehensive electrical services for commercial and residential customers. If you need an expert electrician for an electrical circuit upgrade, call us today at (602) 910-6267.

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