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Common Electrical Upgrades

Common Electrical Upgrades

Homeowners continue to purchase new power-hungry appliances and devices, which often tax the limits of their existing electric service. In many cases, this necessitates an electric panel upgrade and new electrical wiring, especially in older homes. If you are experiencing sparking, warm outlets or tripped circuit breakers, you should schedule a comprehensive inspection to determine if you need an electrical upgrade.

Electrical Upgrades

Obsolete main panels are limited in terms of space and available power. Fuse panels may be unsafe, and some insurance companies won't cover a property with a fuse-based electric panel. Older builder-grade panels have a high failure rate and may stop working entirely.

An electric panel upgrade will increase the reliability of your electric service and provide the capacity to handle the increased demand of today's modern appliances, computers and home entertainment equipment. A service change may involve the panel as well as the meter socket, the grounding system and the wiring between the panel and the meter. Other common reasons for changing an electric panel include obsolescence, contamination from water and loose conductors.

New Electrical Wiring Upgrade

In many instances, a new electric panel installation is accompanied by a wiring upgrade. New panels provide more power, and the gauge of older wiring may be insufficient to handle the increased load. Faulty wiring is the primary cause of residential fires, according to a 2009 study by the National Fire Prevention Association. If your house is older, there is a much greater chance that the wiring might be outdated or unsafe. An expert electrician will ensure that your wiring system is sufficient to handle all your current and future electrical needs and upgrade the fixtures and receptacles if necessary.

Full Service Electrical Contractor

If you have an older home that needs an electrical wiring or service upgrade, call the professionals at Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services today at (602) 910-6267. We provide complete electrical service for existing homes, businesses and new construction.

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