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Ready for New Outlets & Switches? DIY or Not

Ready for New Outlets & Switches? DIY or Not

While electrical outlet repair or replacement may appear to be an obvious DIY project, there can be severe consequences if something goes wrong. Home wiring carries high voltage and can cause serious harm if not handled properly. If an outlet or switch is installed incorrectly, the potential for lethal shock or an electrical fire is a real possibility. Unless you have experience working with high voltage, every electric repair should be addressed by a professional electrician.

Are Outlets and Switches a DIY Project?

If you need to replace outlets or switches, it's best to call a reputable, licensed contractor like Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services to do the work. Professional contractors are trained to assess your home's entire electrical system before recommending specific replacement products. Electric contractors understand local code requirements, so every fixture they install will be compatible with the existing electrical system and provide surge protection. While most people cite price as the primary reason for bypassing an electrician, bundling several electric repair jobs into one project can help bring the total cost down considerably.

Challenges with New Outlets and Switches

Outlet repair and replacement can be tricky because outlets are designed for specific circuits. Standard outlets are 120 volts, but large appliances require 220 or 240 volts. Kitchens, baths and any area near water must have grounded outlets with surge protection (GFCI). Most importantly, new outlets must be compatible with existing wiring. A trained electrician can determine if the new outlet will overload the associated circuit by drawing too much power through it. In some instances, the wiring and electric service should be upgraded before installing new outlets.

The overall cost of hiring an electrician can be reduced by changing out old, unattractive or defective switches while the outlets are being replaced. In recent years, lighting switches have become a designer item, and new models feature delayed fade, full-range dimming and automatic lighting. Smart switches can be integrated with a home automation system for the ultimate in convenience and control.

Expert Outlet and Switch Installation

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of hiring a qualified electrician for outlet repair service, surge protection and other electrical issues, call the experts from Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services today at (602) 910-6267.

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