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Landscape Lighting - Beautiful and Beneficial

Landscape Lighting – Beautiful and Beneficial

Highlighting your yard's most attractive attributes is a fabulous way to add aesthetic appeal to your property. One way of accomplishing this is to incorporate landscape lighting with your landscape. For residents in Goodyear, Arizona, and the surrounding communities, where many cacti, succulents, and other unique plants thrive, there are many possibilities as far as making your home stand out.

How Much Landscape Lighting Do You Need to Make Your Yard Beautiful?

The best approach is to make a little go a long way, using a variety of small lamps and keeping the overall light levels low to create a dramatic effect. Also, think about where you'll spend the most time in your yard. Do you have a favorite reading area? When planning where to put your landscape lighting, consider the plants you'd like to emphasize, where you might entertain guests and other strategic areas.

What is Color Temperature and Layered Lighting?

As with everything else, quality trumps quantity - and it's no different in regards to lighting. Color temperature, which is measured on a Kelvin scale, determines how cool or warm a light is. Lights 3500K or above are cooler, appearing bluer in tone. Lights 3000K or below are warmer, assuming more of an amber tone. In general, you want to avoid cooler lights when purchasing landscape lighting. Ideally, you should pick 2700K lights, which appear natural and mimic the glow of a campfire.

Layered lighting is another thing to keep in mind when shaping your yard's atmosphere. The 'lows' and 'highs' you create with your lights can add emotion, dramatic effect and beauty to your outdoor space. Essentially, you want to have various lights for different purposes, put them on different circuits, and take advantage of dimmers and other controls that let you manipulate light settings.

Should You Opt for LED Landscape Lighting or Other Light Sources

To decide whether you should purchase LED lighting or another light source, you have to weigh the pros and cons of each. Since they use less wattage than other comparable bulbs, LED lights have greater energy efficiency and are better for the environment as a result. LED lights last five to 10 times longer, too, and are available in warmer tones - like 2700K. Considering that halogen light bulbs only get as warm as 3000K, this is definitely an important point to remember.

The only con associated with LED lights is the initial cost of it. Although they're more expensive than halogen bulbs, they pay for themselves over the long run since you won't have to replace them as often and your electricity bills won't be as high. For more information about these cost savings, ask your local electrician.

For more information about how LED lights are beneficial, or if you’re in need of an electrician to help you with a installation or repair, read about going green with LED lighting or contact us at (602) 910-6267.

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