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When Should You Replace Your Surge Protector?

When Should You Replace Your Surge Protector?

It's not often throughout your busy life that you stop and think about surge protectors. However, these electrical components provide a valuable resource that keeps your electronics safe from power surges and lightning. To protect the expensive electronic assets in your Goodyear, Arizona, home free from harm, surge protectors need somewhat frequent replacement. Here's just a few ways you'll know it's time for a new one.

A Surge Protector Crash Course

If you don't know exactly why surge protectors are important, here's the reasoning. Very simply, they ensure that all electronics maintain a proper and consistent voltage from power outlets. Without them, a quick surge in voltage can easily ruin televisions, gaming consoles, and other electrical components. By regulating the amount of voltage, surge protectors prevent a catastrophe.

Limited Life Span

In an ideal world, surge protectors would last forever. However, when they receive an extra jolt of electricity, the energy has to go somewhere. When this instance occurs, the surge protector diverts the energy to a metal oxide varistor. Over time, this component starts to degrade, and eventually it completely loses its efficiency. If you've experienced a number of surges in a short period or you can't remember how long you've had your current ones, it's probably best to buy new surge protectors.

Warning Lights

Perhaps the most obvious way to know you need a new surge protector is when the warning light pops on. This light is usually labeled and shines bright red when your surge protector is on its last leg. Make certain that you don't confuse this light with any of the other lights on the surge protector, and don't delay purchasing a new one. 

In most cases, surge protectors need replacement every few years. However, if you don't feel like coping or maintaining a strict schedule, home surge protection is a viable alternative. Using the same idea as normal surge protectors, an electrician can wire the components straight into your circuit breaker, saving you time and money. If that sounds like a novel idea to you, call our experts at Mr. Sunshine Electric today at 602-910-6267.

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