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6 Signs That it's Time for New Electrical Wiring

6 Signs That it's Time for New Electrical Wiring

Few things are more devastating than electrical wiring issues for Tempe, Arizona, homeowners. Lower your risk of a house fire and other troubling issues by keeping an eye out for these common electrical warning signs.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

When your light fixtures flicker or dim, it's rarely a problem with the light fixture itself because they typically only draw a small amount of power. Appliances such as washing machines or even spaces heaters are bigger energy hogs, and if they're wired to the same circuit, you may notice issues with your lights. To solve the problem, request that a technician move your lights to a different circuit or install appliance-dedicated lines.

Extension Cord Overload

Too many extension cords can result in tripped breakers, short outs, or even fires. You should never use multiple extension cords for a prolonged period of time. Keep them restricted to short periods such as holidays, and have additional outlets installed if necessary.

Strange Smells

If you notice an appliance or outlet putting off a funny odor, stop using it. This could potentially be a serious issue that requires an inspection by a qualified electrician. The same goes for your breaker panel or fuse box. If in doubt, have the smell checked out.

Buzzing Sounds

When electricity works properly, you shouldn't hear anything. Frayed wiring, loose prongs, and other issues can cause the electric current to jump, resulting in a buzzing sound. If you notice a buzz coming from an outlet, stop using it immediately.

Frequently Tripped Breakers or Blown Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers fail to prevent overloading. If this occurs often, there's probably an overload in the circuit that requires an upgrade.

Hot Outlets

Power outlets should never be hot to the touch. When this occurs, chances are the outlet has been wired incorrectly. The only solution is to call and have it serviced.

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