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2 Electrifying Trends in Modern Residential Lighting

2 Electrifying Trends in Modern Residential Lighting

While modern technology is playing a bigger role in our everyday lives, one aspect that seems to go under the radar is residential lighting. You probably don't think about flicking a switch or what light fixtures you have in your house, but many new trends are ready to redefine how you light up your home. If you're searching for an innovative way to change the look of your Phoenix, Arizona, home, or you're just a technological trendsetter, here are a few electrifying trends in modern residential lighting.

Go Green

Going green isn't just a fad. It's a way of life that promotes social responsibility, as well as reliable energy consumption. However, it often gets a bad rap as being an inferior product. With new advancements in renewable energy or low-energy lighting, this statement simply isn't true anymore. LED lighting offers a soothing glow that's far more attractive than traditional incandescent lighting, and fixtures with the Energy Star logo naturally blend with your home's interior and exterior. Not only will you save money, but you'll have a beautiful home and a clear conscience to boot.

Wi-Fi Set Ups

You may have heard that many thermostats are now turning to Wi-Fi to make comfortable and efficient temperatures in homes around the country. What you may not know is that the same type of wireless technology is available for lighting. With a Wi-Fi connected bulb, you can control the lights in your home from an app on your smartphone. Not only can you turn them off and on from virtually anywhere in the world, but you can also program them to come on when you return from work or when you're on vacation.

Although there are some lighting changes you can accomplish on your own, sometimes you need a steady, knowledgeable hand to install some of the newer equipment. That's when you should call Mr. Sunshine Electric at 602-910-6267. With our qualified electricians, you always know that you're getting the job done right the first time, so you won't have to worry about it again.

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