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3 High-Tech Lights to Try

3 High-Tech Lights to Try

Lighting is a functional necessity, but that doesn't mean that you have to take a bland approach to these installations. Ramp up your home lighting in a fresh new way with high-tech solutions for illuminating your home. Take a fresh approach to lights in your Goodyear, Arizona, home with these fun products.

GE's Align Bulbs

Artificial lighting can inhibit your body's natural rhythms. If you spend the day indoors, you don't have any authentic indicators for what your circadian rhythm should be. GE Align light bulbs mimic natural morning or evening lighting conditions to help your body regulate the appropriate serotonin production for each part of the day. The AM LED bulb suppresses sleepy serotonin production to help you wake up, while the PM LED bulb has the opposite effect. Its warm lighting helps prepare your body for sleep at night.

LumiFi Mood Lighting

The LumiFi system is a modern lighting solution that combines smart-LED wireless light bulbs with a powerful app that will help you set the right mood for every part of the day or night. You'll find lighting settings that help you energize, focus, relax, or rest. At the tap of a finger, you can customize your lighting for a rainy day, movie night, or party. The technology is easily personalized as well, so you can adjust each setting to suit your personal preferences.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue lighting solutions offer the same color and brightness options as other mood-lighting products, so you can adjust your lighting for productivity, rest, or relaxation. These lights have another notable feature as well. You can sync your home lighting with music, gaming, or television to create a highly immersive environment. These lighting products are compatible with hundreds of apps for complete customization.

Do you need assistance installing a new lighting solution? Safe, professional wiring is at the heart of every lighting feature. Contact Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services at 602-910-6267 for all your electrical needs. From new installations to quality repairs, we can keep your home illuminated right.

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