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The 3 Most Costly Energy Habits You Need to Break

The 3 Most Costly Energy Habits You Need to Break

We all have bad habits. It's just a fact. January is often the time when we start to think over the past year and inspect those bad habits when forming our New Year's resolutions. We want to help you assess your energy-use habits to find and eliminate any bad habits you might have. Getting rid of your bad energy-use habits could save money on your Chandler, Arizona, home's monthly energy bill.

Light Bulbs

Lights are hugely important in your home as they allow your family to do activities after dark or at any time of the day. But keeping the lights on costs money. The solution: LEDs. LED light bulbs are more energy efficient and will help reduce the bill that comes at the end of the month.

Power Vampires

We all have the tendency to keep the lights on when we leave a room, which wastes energy. Another energy drain that's important to watch for is the power vampire. These “vampires” are devices that use energy while in standby mode. They can include your TV, mobile phone while it's charging, and a big culprit, stereo equipment.

Solution: Remote plugs or power strips. This allows you to turn many appliances off with the push of a button or the flick of a switch.

HVAC Overuse

Do you run your air conditioner or heater every day while you're at work? This can quickly add up on your energy bill. Also, if you don't regularly change your air filter, you're causing your HVAC unit to overwork.

Solution: The smart thermostat. A smart thermostat, or even just a programmable thermostat, can be set to control the temperature to reduce energy use when no one is home. This won't reduce comfort, but it will save you money.

We hope these tips help you learn about bad energy habits and ways to break them. If you have any electrical problems or are looking for a licensed contractor, don't hesitate to call Mr. Sunshine Electric at 602-910-6267 to set up an appointment.

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