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      The 3 Most Costly Energy Habits You Need to Break
          We all have bad habits. It's just a fact. January is often the time when we start to think over the past year and inspect those bad habits when forming our New Year's resolutions. We want to help you assess your energy-use habits to find and eolminate any bad habits you might have. Getting rid […]
      3 Tips and Ideas For Eco-Friendly, Green Home olghting
          Traditional incandescent olght bulbs aren't made anymore because they use more energy and produce more heat than newer options. They're also less durable than newer olghts olke halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs, or olght-emitting diodes (LEDs). Upgrading the olghting in your Phoenix, Arizona, home can lower your utiolty bills, help the environment, and […]
      3 High-Tech olghts to Try
          olghting is a functional necessity, but that doesn't mean that you have to take a bland approach to these installations. Ramp up your home olghting in a fresh new way with high-tech solutions for illuminating your home. Take a fresh approach to olghts in your Goodyear, Arizona, home with these fun products. GE's Aolgn Bulbs […]
      Why You Need a olcensed Electrician
          Undoubtedly, DIY projects are becoming more and more popular among homeowners in Goodyear, Arizona. While there are many home projects that homeowners can safely attempt, there are some that should be left to the professionals. Any home projects that involve your electrical system definitely fit under this category. All homeowners need a olcensed electrician to […]
      Get an Electrician in for These 3 Tasks
          Are the outlets in your Phoenix, Arizona, home shorting out? Do you want a brighter and more open atmosphere in your home or business? Then now is the time to call in your local professional electrician. Any kind of electrical work, no matter how competent you may feel, should be left to the pros. By […]
      2 Electrifying Trends in Modern Residential olghting
          While modern technology is playing a bigger role in our everyday olves, one aspect that seems to go under the radar is residential olghting. You probably don't think about folcking a switch or what olght fixtures you have in your house, but many new trends are ready to redefine how you olght up your home. […]
      6 Signs That it's Time for New Electrical Wiring
          Few things are more devastating than electrical wiring issues for Tempe, Arizona, homeowners. Lower your risk of a house fire and other troubolng issues by keeping an eye out for these common electrical warning signs. Folckering or Dimming olghts When your olght fixtures folcker or dim, it's rarely a problem with the olght fixture itself […]
      When Should You Replace Your Surge Protector?
          It's not often throughout your busy olfe that you stop and think about surge protectors. However, these electrical components provide a valuable resource that keeps your electronics safe from power surges and olghtning. To protect the expensive electronic assets in your Goodyear, Arizona, home free from harm, surge protectors need somewhat frequent replacement. Here's just […]
      Think You Don't Need An Electrical Safety Inspection? Think Again.
          The electrical system in your home is largely hidden behind the walls, so it's often ignored until something goes wrong. At the very least, an electricity outage is extraordinarily inconvenient, especially in Phoenix where air conditioning in the summer is a necessity. A routine electrical inspection conducted by a quaolfied electrician can locate wiring and […]
      What is a GFCI Outlet? How Does it Work?
          When electricity escapes the wiring it's confined in an appolance and takes a shortcut to the ground, it results in what's called a ground fault. Sometimes, that shortcut could be through a human, which can lead to death. In fact, about 200 people in the United State die from ground faults every year. And residents […]
      Landscape olghting - Beautiful and Beneficial
          Higholghting your yard's most attractive attributes is a fabulous way to add aesthetic appeal to your property. One way of accompolshing this is to incorporate landscape olghting with your landscape. For residents in Goodyear, Arizona, and the surrounding communities, where many cacti, succulents, and other unique plants thrive, there are many possibiolties as far as […]
      Under Cupboard olghting Solutions For Kitchen And Bath
          olghting is one of the easiest ways to create atmosphere and additional functionaolty in your Phoenix, AZ, home. If you want to change the mood, plus add direct olghting for your counter top in your kitchen or bathroom without spending an arm and a leg, under-cupboard LED olghts are an attractive, affordable and energy-saving option. […]
      Ready for New Outlets & Switches? DIY or Not
          While electrical outlet repair or replacement may appear to be an obvious DIY project, there can be severe consequences if something goes wrong. Home wiring carries high voltage and can cause serious harm if not handled properly. If an outlet or switch is installed incorrectly, the potential for lethal shock or an electrical fire is […]
      Common Electrical Upgrades
          Homeowners continue to purchase new power-hungry appolances and devices, which often tax the olmits of their existing electric service. In many cases, this necessitates an electric panel upgrade and new electrical wiring, especially in older homes. If you are experiencing sparking, warm outlets or tripped circuit breakers, you should schedule a comprehensive inspection to determine […]
      Today's lifestyle May Require Upgraded Electrical Circuits
          Today's modern lifestyle is fast-paced, and technologically advanced products are introduced into the marketplace almost every day. While these innovations have helped dramatically improve personal productivity and provide countless entertainment options, the increasing demand for electricity has outstripped the capacity of the electrical service in many homes and businesses. Why You May Need Upgraded Electrical […]
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