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Remodeling Kitchen Don't Forget About the Electrical System.

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Don't Forget About the Electrical System.

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Don't Forget About the Electrical System.

For most homeowners, the kitchen is the central hub of all activity within the home. From the meals you've cooked to the discussions you've had, many of your most memorable moments have probably happened in the kitchen. But if your kitchen has become dark and dingy over the years, consider remodeling it to spice up the sweetest room in the home.

When remodeling your kitchen, a major area of focus should be its electrical system. That's because it essentially controls all aspects of your kitchen, including the lighting and the appliances.

Why You Might Consider Remodeling Your Kitchen

Before diving into the electrical system, let's take a look at some of the most common reasons homeowners choose to remodel their kitchens.

  • Increase the home's value. Remodeling the kitchen before selling your home can increase its value. Not only will an attractive kitchen appeal to prospective buyers more than an outdated one, but it could also lead to a greater return on your investment - the home and the kitchen remodel.
  • Conserve energy and save money. Perhaps more than ever before, homeowners are proactive in conserving energy and helping the environment. By installing skylights, investing in energy-efficient appliances and using LEDs, you can pay for the kitchen remodel over the long run with the savings you'll accrue.
  • Enhance your lifestyle. Whether it's creating the dream kitchen for an at-home gourmet chef or simply improving its layout by adding a breakfast bar, many homeowners remodel their kitchens to enhance their lifestyles. Since it's such a central space, it pays to remodel your kitchen to fit your family's lifestyle.
  • Accommodate special needs. To better accommodate loved ones who have special needs, it's necessary to remodel the kitchen sometimes. For example, if your loved one is in a wheelchair, you might remodel the kitchen so that it has cupboards that are more easily accessible.

What Electrical System Codes Should You Follow?

The National Fire Protection Association updates its electrical codes every three years to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of a modern kitchen. Every expert electrician must adhere to this code to satisfy the local safety inspector.

That said, here are the electrical codes you should know when remodeling your kitchen. Of course, it's best to invest in professional electrical services and entrust an expert electrician with your kitchen remodel to avoid any fire risks.

Small Appliance Circuits (GFCI-Protected)

Required: Two 20-amp, 120-volt circuits that supply power to the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacles for the countertops and the eating areas.

Basic Lighting Circuit

Required: One 15-amp, 120-volt circuit that supplies power to recessed lights and ceiling fixtures. This shouldn't be a GFCI-protected circuit.

Distance Between GFCI-Protected Circuits Over Counter-tops

Required: There should be no more than 48 inches between the counter-top receptacles.

Sections of Counter-top More Than 12 Inches Wide

Required: Sections of countertop that are more than 12 inches wide are considered a wall and require a GFCI-protected receptacle.

Dishwasher Circuit

Required: One 15-amp, 120-volt circuit that's wired with a 14/2 cable. This shouldn't be a GFCI-protected circuit.

Garbage Disposal Circuit

Required: One 15-amp, 120-volt circuit that's wired with a 14/2 cable. This shouldn't be a GFCI-protected circuit.

Microwave Circuit

Required: One 20-amp, 120-volt circuit that's wired with a 12/2 cable. This shouldn't be a GFCI-protected circuit.

Electric Range Circuit

Required: One 50-amp, 120/240-volt circuit that's wired with a 6/3 cable. This shouldn't be a GFCI-protected circuit.

As stated before, investing in professional electrical services is the best approach you can take when remodeling your kitchen to ensure all of your power circuits adhere to the electrical codes. While you might be able to install new countertops or cupboards, working with an electrical system can be extremely dangerous to you and could cause major damage to your property. Whether you need new electrical wiring, an outlet repair, a panel upgrade or advice on surge protection, consult an expert electrician before trying to perform the work yourself. It could save you thousands in electric repair - and your life!

For more information about new electrical wiring, panel upgrades, surge protection, outlet repairs or any other electric repair, check out our list of electrical services or contact us at (602) 910-6267.

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