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Electric Articles for Phoenix AZ and Surrounding Areas

5 Common Electrical Issues in Old Houses ((Nov 9))

Old homes in the Phoenix, Arizona, area have a historic charm that's unparalleled by newer constructions. You'll enjoy time-tested features like durable hardwoods and careful construction, but you may also find some elements that haven't stood up as well to the test of time. Electrical issues are common in old homes. These potentially dangerous problems […]

Why You Need to Maintain Your Electrical System ((Sep 18))

You probably don't think about your electricity unless it goes out during a storm or fails to work in some way. However, it's the driving force behind the comfort, security, and entertainment in your home. Without proper maintenance, your electrical system will eventually fail, causing a plethora of problems in the process. To avoid nuisances […]

6 Home Electrical Safety Tips ((Jul 11))

House fires are a sobering reality for families who have lost everything due to faulty electrical wiring. If you're an Avondale, Arizona, homeowner looking to prevent a devastating loss, here are some home electrical safety tips to keep in mind. Use Extension Cords Properly There's a time and place to use extension cords, and it's […]

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Don't Forget About the Electrical System. ((May 26))

For most homeowners, the kitchen is the central hub of all activity within the home. From the meals you've cooked to the discussions you've had, many of your most memorable moments have probably happened in the kitchen. But if your kitchen has become dark and dingy over the years, consider remodeling it to spice up […]

Smart Home Automation Trends ((Apr 2))

New developments in smart home automation will make life in Phoenix, AZ, easier in 2016. Here are just a few of the hottest and newest home automation developments. In a few years, we'll be wondering how we ever lived without them. Residential Security Systems Your home is your castle and your refuge, but home invasions […]

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