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Go Green with LED Lighting

go-green-led-lightingIn today's world of technological advancements and environmental awareness, every joule counts in the fight to save energy and money. Of all the home upgrades that you can make with the environment and your budget in mind, lighting is the easiest, quickest and cheapest.

LED, or light emitting diode, is a new - and GREEN - alternative to traditional compact fluorescent lighting. If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of LED lighting, contact the expert electricians at Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services.

LEDs are Better for the Environment

When it comes to choosing the greenest lighting option on the market, there isn't one better than LED. LEDs are free from toxic chemicals, use less energy than compact fluorescent lighting options and produce no UV emissions. When you break down that LEDs use 15 watts and incandescent light bulbs use 90 watts - both at a 100W type - there is no comparison which is best for utilizing less energy.

LEDs Lead to Cost Savings

In addition to lasting longer than compact fluorescent lighting, LEDs are much cheaper to use. Considering that incandescent bulbs account for almost 25 percent of your cost of electricity, switching to a cheaper lighting option can make a major difference over the course of a year and longer.

Smart Lighting Controls

With continued development in home automation technology, smart lighting controls are becoming more common. With smart lighting controls installed, you can control your home's interior and exterior lighting - turning a light into a dimmer, set schedules and desired lighting levels - all from your Smart phone application, wherever you happen to be.

For more information about the technology behind LED lighting, professional LED home design recommendations, LED installation service, or Smart Lighting Controls, contact the expert electricians at Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services. Our team is ready to help you GO GREEN, for the sake of the environment and your budget.

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