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Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring for Phoenix AZ and Surrounding Areas

Electrical-WiringWhen it comes to new electrical wiring, nothing is safe or certain until an experienced electrician has taken a close look and given the thumbs up. That's why it is especially important to hire a professional electrician when handling electrical wiring, whether it is because of an inspection, replacement or repair. If you try to install new electric wiring yourself, you could be putting your health and safety at risk.

Knob and Tube Wiring

Used by home builders between 1880 and 1930, knob and tube wiring is one of the oldest ways of wiring a residential building. If your home was built during this time, it likely had knob and tube wiring at one point or another. It is unlikely that your historical home still has knob and tube writing, but you may need to replace it in rare cases where it still exists.

When installed correctly, knob and tube wiring is still considered superior to many of today's wiring methods. Knob and tube wiring is considered unsafe because it does not include a ground conductor, which is very dangerous, and its switches are usually placed on a neutral wire, which can lead to a house fire. Since the knob and tube wiring in your home is probably extremely old, it may have had improper and unsafe alterations made to it.

Contact the electricians at Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services today for a knob and tube wiring inspection if your house was built during these years and you know the wiring has not been updated. Without an update to your electrical wiring, your home could be in danger.

Aluminum Wiring

Many homes built in the 1960s and 70s are lined with aluminum wiring, which was replaced by copper wiring in the decades to follow. If your home was built during the time and has aluminum wiring in it, you might need to consider replacing it.

The first concern is that aluminum wiring oxidizes easily. This increases the wire's resistance and could lead to overheating. Another concern is that aluminum is softer and more malleable than copper wiring. This makes it more susceptible to damage. Aluminum also expands when its temperature rises, causing its shape to change at the terminal screws. This could lead to loose or disconnected wires which pose a hazard.

If your home still has aluminum wiring in it, contact Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services immediately. We can inspect your aluminum wiring and determine if you will need either a full or a partial replacement. To find out whether your home is in danger because of aluminum wiring, schedule an aluminum inspection with us today.

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