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Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical Safety Inspections for Phoenix AZ and Surrounding Areas

Electrical-safety-inspectionsYour home's electrical system is complex, which means that a problem - minor or major - can arise at any time. As much of an inconvenience as a flickering light or a power outage can be to your family, those could be the least of your concerns if your electrical system has been neglected or is badly damaged. In fact, an electrical system that is operating unsafely could lead to serious injuries - sometimes fatal.

One of the main reasons homeowners neglect to receive an electric safety inspection is because they do not notice any problems. As with most electrical systems, you will not notice an issue until it is too late - and that could have grave ramifications. To prevent a dangerous event from happening in your home because of a malfunctioning electrical system, invest in an electrical inspection today.

When Should You Schedule an Electric Safety Inspection

According to our expert electricians, you should have your home inspected every 10 years if the owner occupies it. If the home is occupied by a renter, that number drops to every five years. If the home has a swimming pool, it is recommended that you schedule an electrical inspection annually.

Other reasons for scheduling electrician inspections include when you are selling a home or if you have recently purchased one. The same applies for renters.

What Electric Safety Inspections Will Reveal

The purpose of an electrical inspection is to find flaws in your system before they develop into major issues. An electric inspection conducted by Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services will reveal whether any electrical circuits are overloaded, find possible shock risks, fire hazards, and identify defective electrical work and highlight lack of grounding.

To prevent further damage to your electrical system and avoid safety concerns, your electrical system should only be inspected by a licensed and certified electrician. Only a professional electrician can determine the safety risks involved with inspecting your electrical system, and which codes and standards it needs to meet. The electricians at Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services will ensure that your wiring, outlets and sockets are in proper working order. They will also take a close look and examine your electrical system for wear and tear, damage and general deterioration.

After we have conducted an electrical inspection of your system, we will supply you with a detailed report that outlines any negative conditions we have found. We will discuss your options to remedy the issues and plan the best of course of action. Before we leave your home, we will make sure your home is completely safe.

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