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Electrical Replacement

Electrical Replacement for Phoenix AZ and Surrounding Areas

Whether you are replacing an old electrical unit or upgrading it, hiring a professional electrician to handle the job is the recommended approach. At Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services, our team of electricians is licensed and certified to perform just about every electrical task you can think of, which includes upgrading your electric panel, replacing your aluminum wiring and replacing your surge protector.

Panel Upgrade

The electrical panel links your home with the electric grid outside of it. For that reason, it's considered the core of your home's electrical system. If your electrical panel does not have the capacity to support the amount of electricity powering your home, you could experience power outages which could in turn cause a dangerous situation in it.

If you notice that your circuit breakers are constantly tripping and repeatedly causing power outages, you need to have an electrician inspect your electrical panel. The expert electricians at Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services will determine if your electrical panel needs an upgrade. If it does, you can rest assured that our team of certified and licensed electricians has the skills to perform the electrical panel upgrade immediately.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

If your home has aluminum wiring in it, it may need to be replaced. That's because it will be difficult to find an insurance company that will offer you a policy if you have it in your home. While aluminum wiring is not the most inefficient or dangerous type of wiring on the market, it does have reason to cause concern.

Firstly, aluminum wiring oxidizes easily, increasing the wire's resistance and potentially leading to overheating. Aluminum is also softer and much more malleable than copper wiring, making it more susceptible to damage. Finally, aluminum expands when its temperature increases, causing it to change shape. All of these can contribute to wire failure, causing unsafe conditions in your home.

If your home has aluminum wiring in it still, contact Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services right away. When it comes to aluminum wiring replacement, we are the experts.

Surge Protector Replacement

Your home's surge protector defends it against overloaded circuit breakers that could cause damage and harm. Unfortunately, like most other items in the electrical world, surge protectors have a definite lifespan. At some point in time, your whole-house surge protector will stop working and expose your electrical devices to power surges. Although you can invest in surge protector maintenance and help extend its lifespan, you will eventually have to inquire about a surge protector replacement.

At Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services, we have the team and the tools needed to complete a successful surge protector replacement. With a new whole-house surge protector in your home, any excess energy that your electrical system generates will go into the ground. As a result, this will protect your electrical devices and, most importantly, your family from any dangers that could result from an unprotected home.

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