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Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs for Phoenix AZ and Surrounding Areas

Electrical-repairs-light-switchFinding a reliable electric company to take care of your electrical system is no easy task, especially considering the risks you expose yourself to if you hire the wrong one. At Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services, we take electricity very seriously because we know what can happen if someone makes a mistake. The upfront costs of hiring an expert electrician will pale in comparison to the price you will pay if you try to cut corners during an electric repair. Although we like to complete every electric repair as fast as possible for the convenience of our customers, safety always comes first - no matter what!

Outlet Repair

Old and malfunctioning outlets can damage your expensive appliances, cause power outages and electrocute you if you are not careful. While repairing an outlet might look like an easy enough task, it is always best to leave outlet repairs to the professionals, even if you do your homework. That's because one minor error during the outlet repair could lead to a major issue in the electrical system later on. Without knowing it, you could expose your family and home to possible future dangers.

If you notice flickering lights or circuit breakers that are always tripping, it is likely that you will need either an outlet repair or replacement. During an outlet repair, our certified and licensed electricians will test your electrical system and look for clues as to why it might be malfunctioning. Then, he or she will repair the outlets and conduct another test to ensure your electrical system is fully functional.

Surge Protector Maintenance

Outlets often become damaged as a result of overloading a home's main electrical circuit. If you notice that your lights flicker when you plug in or turn on an electrical device in your home, it is likely that you have overloaded that circuit. Whole-house surge protection is a great way to prevent both overloads in your circuit and breakdowns in your outlets. At Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services, we specialize not only in installing surge protection but also maintaining it.

Since surge protection is critical to your electrical system's long-term health - and your safety - it is important that you invest in surge protector maintenance. Since working with electric currents is dangerous, and mismanaging electric surges can lead to a number of home and health hazards, you must hire an expert electrician to maintain your surge protection. In turn, your surge protection will maintain your home's electrical currents. Remember that you should never work on or maintain a surge protector yourself, as this can lead to a number of preventable risks.

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