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Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation for Phoenix AZ and Surrounding Areas

electrical-services-lightingAt Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services, we specialize in a number of installations, including new lighting, new outlets, new panels and surge protection. Although it is tempting to install these yourself in order to save money, you could put yourself and your family in danger by doing so. Our experienced electricians are certified and licensed to handle your electrical system, ensuring its full functionality and safety.

New Lighting

Whether you want to install exterior or interior lighting, the professional electricians at Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services know how to ensure your lights are both functional and aesthetically appealing. With landscape lighting, we can transform the area around your home into a glowing paradise. We can also install security lighting to help keep your family and property safe from perpetrators.

As far as new lighting inside your home, the options are endless. We can advise you on what works well in certain spaces and what does not. Using recessed, pendant and ceiling lights, we will work to change your home's atmosphere - for the better!

New Outlets and Panels

Electrical-installationOutlets that are old and malfunctioning can lead to damage to your appliances, power outages and even electrocution. The same applies for electrical panels. While it might be tempting to install new outlets and panels yourself, the risk of either harming yourself or causing more damage to your electrical system is not worth it.

For a professional installation of new outlets and panels, contact Mr. Sunshine's Electrical Services. We will test your outlets and panels, replace them as needed, and ensure they are not a threat to your home or safety. Additionally, we can also install USB outlets alongside your normal ones, which can be very convenient considering how many devices use them.

Surge Protection

You might have noticed that your lights flicker slightly from time to time, especially when you plug in or turn on an electrical device. This is a sign that you are overloading your home's main electrical circuit. To prevent damage to your circuit and protect your home against electrical surges, consider investing in whole-house surge protection. You will need professional help to set the system up.

By investing in surge protection for your home, you are essentially safeguarding your electrical system and appliances from sustaining damage from overloaded circuits. In addition to installing the whole-house surge protection system, we can also maintain it so it lasts longer and ensure that it continues to operate as it should.

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